Take the bird. Take his pillows too.

I hope life on Earth is everything you remember it to be. Thanks Gerty.

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This is Sam Rockwell. He is one of the most diverse and likable actors in the film industry. 

He’s shown enormous talent in every angle of the acting spectrum. From crazy, over the top characters in Galaxy Quest, to deep, dramatic, and emotional performances in Moon.

He’s never been nominated for an oscar. Ever. Does that matter? No. Because he’s still one of the most talented actors in film history. In fact, the fact that he takes indie films rather than hollywood films probably has a great impact on that. His roles and the films he’s in aren’t restricted by focus groups or surveys.

An actor doesn’t need an oscar to have talent.

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The Way Way Back (2013)

I don’t like patterns or rules. That’s why you can’t buy into that shit. You gotta go your own way. And you, my friend, are going your own way. 102/365


I wish Sam Rockwell was my best friend.

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fangirl challenge → [1/5] villains →  Justin Hammer

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skye/coulson + mirror

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Favourite People: Sam Rockwell
↳ "I have no skills. There’s absolutely nothing I know how to do. So I’d be fucked otherwise. I’m very fortunate to be an actor. I know I’m very lucky to be doing this."

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#no but really #i tell everyone this but #when i first heard him shout that ‘nobody cares that you’re broken cas’ line #it hurt #and i thought ‘oh jesus tumblr is going to hate the fuck out dean for that’ #but each time i hear it #each time i see this scene #i see different things #the sixth gif #watch dean’s face #watch it #it looks like he’s waiting for cas to go off #for cas to lunge forward and grab him by the lapels of his coat #and push his face close #and order him to show him respect #to show a little sympathy #to just… anything #but then he doesn’t #and in the eighth gif #dean looks… #he looks like he’s thinking ‘oh fuck’ #‘cas is broken’ #‘cas is actually broken’ #‘this isn’t him’ #‘this isn’t cas… no’ #and then comes the guilt #also: in the eighth gif it looks like cas has antlers js

Reblogging this again because in the forth gif, you see Dean hesitate. His eyes get glossy. The way he says Cas, You can tell. Dean cares that he’s broken. He really does. And even in the 7th gif, you can see Cas about to cry. You can see him itching to address what Dean just said to him. But he doesn’t. Because he’s broken. And he knows it. This scene. This. Fucking. Scene. 

I think Cas just really wants to play Twister with Dean and get their bodies all tangled up together.



Stop asking me to trust
you while I’m still coughing
up water from the last time
you let me drown.

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"This isnt a project that you will be able to do the night before"


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